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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coopers Beer Kit Review

You're reading this because you're interested in the Coopers Beer Kit and want to know if it’s worth the $99 price tag. Hopefully, this beer kit review will answer your questions.
The Coopers Beer Kit is a Home Beer Brewing System that includes everything needed to brew 6 gallons of beer, that is except: the water (of course) and you’ll need a common cooking pot to heat the water.
The Coopers Beer Kit Includes:

• 1 Plastic 30 liter fermenter with lid (Makes 6 Gallons)
• 1 Hydrometer
• 1 Plastic Mixing Spoon
• 1 Tap, bottling valve, sediment reducer, and “Little Bottler” tube
• 1 Airlock grommet and Airlock
• 1 Thermometer
• 30 re-usable 740ml PET bottles and caps
• 1 Instruction booklet and DVD
• 1 1.7kg Coopers Lager Beer Kit Concentrate with yeast
• 1 1 kg Coopers Brewing Sugar and Carbonation drops

My Personal Experience with the Coopers Beer Kit:
What I like about the Coopers Beer Kit is this homebrewing beer kit includes everything needed to make your first batch from start to finish. I like the fact that it makes 6 gallon batches compared to the 2 gallon batches other popular beer brewing kits make. The DVD included made making my first batch very easy; it walks you through absolutely everything. The size of the Coopers Beer Kit allows you to use other brands of beer ingredients; you’re not locked into the Coopers Brand ingredients if you want to try others out.

There isn’t much I don’t like about my Coopers Beer Kit. The only thing I can really think of is sometimes the lid can sometimes be tough to get of, but it does seal really well and I’m not sure it’s any tougher than removing a lid from a “Pale Kit”.

Overall, the Coopers Beer Kit is a great value, especially if you compare it to the other home beer brewing kits and what you get with them. On a scale of 1 to 5, taking all this into consideration, I would give it a 4.5. I bought mine about 3 years ago and I’m very happy with it.

For more information on Coopers Beer Brewing Kit, click the image below or to Purchase hit the "Buy The Kit Now" button.


Jason Bolte

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kit only costs 99.99. I got a packet of yeast so it was over 100 and I got the discount. Its brewing now, so far so good!!!

September 21, 2009  
Blogger jbolte1976 said...

Smart thinking. I wasn't sure how that would work with the kits being $99.99.
I was impressed with the lager kit that came with the kit. My only advice is to be patient while it's conditioning in the bottle. The longer you can hold off, the better the beer gets. I'm not the most patient person so my last few bottles were starting to taste really good!

Have fun and let me know how your batch turns out!

September 21, 2009  

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