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Monday, April 13, 2009

Beer Tasting Party; How to Host One.

Beer Tasting Parties can be a fun and interesting party theme for your next get together. With the growing popularity of micro and craft beers you'll be sure to have a lot of interesting beer choices available for your guests. If you happen to be a home beer brewer, this can also be an opportunity for you to let your guests taste your own home brewed beer. Here are a few tips to ensure your beer tasting party is fun for everyone including you.

  • Make sure you get a good selection of beers. Be sure to include beers of all styles including. Dark, Hoppy, Ales, lambic, non-lambic, etc.
  • Give all your beer tasting guests a score card for taking notes, scoring the beers, and to see if they can match up the beer sample with its bottle.
  • Provide your guests with some palate cleansing food choices such as crackers, pretzels, mild cheeses, and cold cut meats.
  • Provide your beer tasting party guests with spotless 3 -4 ounce glasses for their samples.
  • Encourage your guests to compare their beer tasting notes.
  • Add a little party gift for the beer taster that can match the most beer samples to the correct beer names.
  • Encourage everyone to take their time and to have fun.

I thought this would be a great post because today in the mail I received my free George Killian's Irish Red beer tasting guide kit. This is free as part of a promotion that Killian's is doing (as of this post date). This neat little kit shows you how to taste and judge beer like a beer tasting pro. Here are the highlights:
  1. Look - Study the Beer. What do you notice?
  2. Swirl - Swirling your beer in its glass helps release the flavor.
  3. Aroma - 90% of what we taste is actually smell.
  4. Taste - Think about how the beer sits on your tongue. Different parts of your tongue pick up different tastes.
  5. Cleanse - Between tastings, eat a cracker to cleanse the palate.
If you'd like your own free Killian's Beer Tasting Kit. Go to...


Enter code: P3W9L4T

(Not valid in CA and TX)

Like I said I just got my tasting kit and it's not bad for a Freebie!

Hope you enjoy your beer tasting kit and have fun if you decide to have a Beer Tasting Party.

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