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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beer Ads: Funny Beer Ads

I've always wondered why the foreign beer commercials are always funnier and a little bit more risque. Beer Ads reflect whats appealing to people at the time. Here is a collection of some of the funniest beer commercials I've ran across.

Please Enjoy:

Winebasket.com - Unique Gifts & Gift Baskets

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Father's day gift ideas; Beer Gifts

Father's day gift ideas can be hard to come by especially if dad has pretty much everything he needs and won't help with any gift ideas for things he wants. I thought I'd put up this list unique father's day gifts for those of you searching for the father with everything.

Me being a guy, and a dad of two little boys, I personally found these ideas pretty cool (maybe my wife will get the hint!!). I have a fondness and a passion for enjoying micro-brew beers and brewing beer at home so several of these father's day gift ideas are going to really cater the dads who enjoy good beer.

I've included a brief description of the gift and the price so please enjoy. Dad will be glad you took the time to check out these Father's day gift ideas!

  1. The World's #1 Selling Beer Concentrate Kit. This beer brewing kit cost about $99.99. Warning the gift of home brewing beer could be addictive.
  2. Beer of the Month Club members receive 12 beers, 4 diffeent styles each month.
    The cost of this membership ranges from just $20.95 to $32.95, plus shipping and handling, dad will also get their comprehensive newsletter, the Brew Harvest Review.
  3. Monthly Beer Club
    This monthly club can cost as little as $34.95 per month and this includes Shipping! This monthly subscription club also has monthly subscriptions for Wine, fruit, coffee, chocolate, pizza, and more!
  4. Winebasket.com - Unique Gifts & Gift Baskets" border www.winebasket.com is really interesting to me because they have a ton of unique father's day gift ideas under $50. You can choose from wine baskets, chocolates, cookies, fruits, etc.

Winebasket.com - Unique Gifts & Gift Baskets

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