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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr Beer Cider Kits

Mr Beer Cider Kits are very popular. Making your own hard cider at home is simple. Basically there are only a few basic ingredients. The ingredients to make homemade hard cider are:
  • Apple Cider or an Apple Cider Extract Kit
  • Clean good tasting tap water or bottle spring water
  • A quality cider yeast for fermentation
  • Sugars or another fermenting ingredient to achieve the proper level of alcohol %
As you can see there really aren't that many ingredients needed to make a batch of homemade hard cider. The hobby of making hard cider at home has started to pick up in popularity as of late. There is a lot of history in America with hard cider. Hard cider was a popular and common drink back in the early days of America. This is partially due to the abundance and availability of these ingredients in those days.

The hardware needed to make your own hard cider is basic. These include:
  • A fermenter or a sealed container that will keep out outside contaminants and be able to vent of the CO2 which is given off during the fermentation process.
  • An airlock is a device that is designed to vent of CO2 and keep out foreign contaminates at the same time. Some fermenters like the Mr Beer Cider Kit has this venting built into it's lid.
  • Bottles are needed to bottle your your hard cider. These can be glass bottles or even plastic resealable bottles.
  • Or a home cider making kit includes everything needed, and more.

The Mr Beer Cider kit is an easy and affordable way to get all the needed ingredients and hardware necessary to brew your first batch of homemade hard cider. To find out more information on these kits, check out the following image link:

MR.BEER Archer's Orchard Hard Cider Kit



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